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Sally Chambers is a child of God, a wife, mother, and grandmother and lives with her husband, Jerry, on Florida’s east coast. She grew up loving the velvety softness of a horse’s muzzle against her cheek, dogs and kittens underfoot, muted rainbows of light sifting through her church‘s stained glass windows, listening to music, and her mother’s nightly made-up stories . . . oh, and feuding with her two younger brothers. She also grew up moving whenever and wherever her father’s job took him. Massachusetts, New York (three different cities) Washington state, Ohio, Connecticut and . . . well, that’s enough to indicate she went though more than a little chaos and instability and lived to tell lots of tales. Nevertheless, she wouldn’t trade her childhood for anything. Having had faith-filled, nurturing parents and finding her way to a loving triune God, her life was and continues to be, a wondrous adventure.

Sally enjoys reading, and writing stories and poetry that quietly reveal the saving grace and love of Jesus, the hope and power of the Holy Spirit, and the goodness and grace of God within the realities of life. She’s a member of American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW) and The Space Coast Writers Guild (SCWG). She was thrilled to final in ACFW’s inaugural First Impressions Contest in 2012. Several of her devotions have been in The Upper Room. She’s written children’s fiction for Sunday school take-home papers, edited two devotional books written by members of her church, edited her daughter, Deborah Sandidge’s book, and enjoys swapping critiques with author friends.

She writes inspirational novels that hold life-changing family secrets for her heroines—secrets that quake the earth beneath their feet and shake all that’s comfortable and normal. Sally loves taking young adult/new adult/women (oh, and the occasional guy) readers from one continent to another, thrusting her heroines into unbelievably tough, dangerous spots, and watching vicariously as their faith deepens and they get themselves out of trouble!

There’s much more to Sally’s life since she retired from the business world and immersed herself in the writing world. It’s been a long journey, and now she’s getting ready for the publication of her first novel, wading through the book-launch preparations, pushing away nerves, yet trusting in God’s promises.

Sally and little friend

Volunteering in a local public school. One of my favorite weekly getaways/giveaways. Getting away from the office and giving to the children.

Some Favorite Things

Go to the Word World Page, a Word Cloud filled with as many favorite things as I could think of that impacted my life and made it full.

Try creating a Word Cloud for yourself and use the Comments box to share a few things that make you, you.

A Few Least Favorite Things

How about green peas, and fish, or anything with big, forever-open eyes, scales, shells and more! (Just can’t seem to get any of those past my nose!)

What’s your least favorite thing?







4 thoughts on “About Sally

  1. Sally – we need to know more about your life and your journeys of faith
    you are a person who is so grounded in authentic Christianity– lived out with creativity and love

    Liked by 1 person

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