About Sally

The Nuzzler

An early morning kiss from Kiwi






Sally and little friend

Volunteering in a local public school. One of my favorite weekly getaways/giveaways was getting away from the office and giving to the children.



Sally Chambers and her husband live in the warm sunshine and beauty of the East Coast of Florida. She enjoys walking nature trails and loves the feel of beach sand beneath her feet—but not so much having to prepare for hurricanes every year. She spent her fun-filled growing-up years on the West Coast in Washington with her horses—oh, and with her family who loved the adventure of road trips. 🙂 Highlights are hiking in the Grand Canyon, seeing the huge telescope at Mt. Palomar, finding arrowheads on the banks of the Columbia and Snake Rivers, driving old Route 66.

A former business owner, Sally retired from a career in insurance and returned to her first love, writing contemporary inspirational suspense with a thread of romance, novels for young adults.

Suspense, mystery, adventure, intrigue, historical, and creative nonfiction are high on Sally’s reading list. Volunteering, mentoring, reading to and working with children, her church, and having served on the board of her local Salvation Army, are highlights in her life. Favorite things to do are iPhone photography and walking anywhere there might be waterfalls, wildlife or any of God’s especially wondrous creation to see.






4 thoughts on “About Sally

  1. Sally – we need to know more about your life and your journeys of faith
    you are a person who is so grounded in authentic Christianity– lived out with creativity and love

    Liked by 1 person

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