The Stonekeepers

Fast-moving suspense that will keep you on the edge from cover to cover!

The Stonekeepers is contemporary, inspirational, full of suspense, with a thread of romance

Here’s a glimpse of what some readers have written in their Amazon reviews:

“Mystery, suspense, typical teen angst, romance and world travel, The Stonekeepers has it all.”

“It has been a long time since I have read a book that not only unfolds quickly but also satisfies to the very end. With a rare combination of skill, the author shares a riveting story that left me breathless…”

“The Stonekeepers is an excellent book that can be enjoyed by all ages. It has the right amount of suspense and mystery along with faith and love to keep you wanting to read more.”

B and F Cover Capture

Front and back cover

The Stonekeepers

Author, Sally Chambers, writes of

Lexi Christensen–

Protagonist/heroine/main character—whatever—she’s my hero!

We went through a lot together.

Some really strange and unexplainable things are going on in Lexi’s life as she gets ready for college and any way you look at it, it’s creepy.

Have you ever felt you were being watched? Sensed someone might be following, even stalking you? Was it so subtle you just knew no one would believe you if you mentioned it? So unreal you had a hard time believing it yourself? Not a good feeling, and now, at a turning point in her life, it’s Lexi’s reality.

So what would you do?

Lexi decides to spend as much time as possible with friends on Nantucket’s beach, get herself ready to leave for her freshman year at MIT, and fight for the life of an old Nantucket estate mansion she’s always felt an attachment to. Massive, elegant—and abandoned—Northbrick House is scheduled for demolition. Every time she passes the place, she’s drawn to it like a metal filing to a magnet with no idea why, and if she can do anything to stop it, she’s is not about to let the place be taken down by a wrecking ball.

With all her college preparations her bedroom is a total wreck. One of the hardest things she has to do is box up her childhood for a trip to the attic . . . eighteen years of memories that fill her cedar chest to bursting.

But Lexi discovers her cedar chest holds something more than memories.

cedar chest, crocheted blanket blue and white

She uncovers a mystery that twists her life into chaos and thrusts her, her family and friends into a path of danger none of them may survive.

Lexi will need the answer to her prayer. She’s inextricably involved in events that will change her life.

Dear God, hold me together. Help me to make sense of this.

young girl praying



Sally Chambers

Enjoy Sally’s first novel, THE STONEKEEPERS, the one she tells you about above, but keep watching for Sally’s newest YA suspense novel–so new she’s using a working title that she hopes will be “the one!”  
               DON’T LOOK BACK                                            Coming Winter 2017

 Click here for Sally’s Amazon Author Page

4 thoughts on “THE STONEKEEPERS

  1. Thank you. ♥ Prayers for words that reflect our Father’s love surround everything I write. Prayers that not only will He show me stories, but that through the words I write, He will touch the hearts of those who read them.
    Psalm 19:14 NKJV


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